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Upgraded to better server - worse performance.. - soladrive - 2016-01-23

Recently we have moved a clients mybb board from one server to a newer and better one with a fully raid-10 SSD setup for better performance. We copied all the apache, mysql, nginx, etc configurations as they were on the previous server. However we are now running into that the load and global page generation time, and memory usage is much higher as you can see in the attachments.

Before the numbers were around this:

Page Generation Time: .02
Memory Usage: 10-12mb

So if we have configured everything the same way as it was on the previous server, what would cause things to be so different now?

RE: Upgraded to better server - worse performance.. - Cameron:D - 2016-01-24

Firstly, what page was that debug info from? Front page? A thread?

Secondly, 200ms is quite a long time for MySQL to take (I'm on an cheap VPS and it takes less than 30ms usually), what queries are taking the longest? Each query on the debug page should have a Query Time underneath it.

To speed up PHP, are you running a bytecode cache? (APC or XCache)?
Also, try update it, latest version is 5.6.x or 7.0.x. 5.4 has been unsupported for almost 6 months, newer versions will have various optimisations/performance improvements.
Also try mysqli over mysql, the latter has been deprecated and mysqli does perform better.