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404 disaster - bijumk - 2016-01-24


I'm with mybb for the past 5-6 years and my forum is pretty large.  In 1.6 installation, I was using Google SEO plugin for 404, Meta and Sitemap functions. URL feature was not enabled.

After the upgrade, I re-enabled the Google SEO plugin (with the version change trick), but at that time, the Google url option was also enabled without my notice, and I left it running for 1 day. Then I corrected and went back the default page naming style, and completely disabled the Google SEO plugin, because when I enable it, It enables the url feature, even after disabling it in the options page and in .htaccess.

From that point, I am getting thousands of 404 errors in the Google Webmaster tools. It shows as a 404 error page and that page is linked from a similar url style page, which is also non existant.

At first I thought it is normal, because google might have crawled the forum with the new url style. but still, after 4 months, it detects hundreds of that pages everyday, and all are linked from non existent pages.

I wonder how this happens ? any clues ?

RE: 404 disaster - .m. - 2016-01-24

you can enable SEF URLs and use its .htaccess file so that those 404 errors can be minimized.

or using web masters tools, you can ask Google to remove non-existing URLs
also remove earlier submitted forum related sitemaps at the Google webmasters site