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How do I increase SEO? - Sibez - 2016-01-24

How do I optimize my Forum for Search Engines? I have a new forum and I'm lost at this.

RE: How do I increase SEO? - Blackbeard - 2016-01-24

what SEO plugin do you have installed?

EDIT: if you don't have any, try this one.

RE: How do I increase SEO? - ThemeFreaknet - 2016-01-24

If you're looking for on page optimization, the two options for mybb 1.8 are MySEO and SEO MyBB - both of which are very nice plugins to increase your on page optimization.

Don't forget about the half of the battle which is "off page" optimization. I think lots of forum owners overlook this important facet of growing a forum. Create quality content that will increase the amount of traffic to your forum in a sustainable way.