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looking for better spiders bots - DemonCode - 2016-02-12

hey, im currently looking for better spiders/bots for site traffic i know mybb comes with the following
[Image: FDXkMvw.png]
but  Alexa Internet, and Google the only 2 spiders that ever come to my site, and the site is over a month old with over 3000 posts 2000 threads, also how would i install new spiders after i find them? i know theres a "Add new Spider bot" tab, but not sure how to do it, thanks in advance


RE: looking for better spiders bots - sarisisop - 2016-02-12

You can add them in AdminCP Configuration > Left hand side Spider/Bots > Add New Bot

Name = The Name of the Bot as it will show in who's online.

User Agent String = The string that the bot is known by.

Leave the rest as it is and Save. Some need all the user agent and some will just work on the name

So if you wanted to show Flipboard you would have

Name = Flipboard

User Agent String = flipboard

Facebook seems to work better with this agen string.

Name = Facebook

User Agent String = facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+

You can find the user agents from a google search or your latest visitors in cPanel or by the IP's listed in who's online.

However adding them to the list does not make them visit. To do that you need to just keep making content that the bot would be interested in finding.

For example my forum is listed with Treato I didn't get them to look they found me, once I found their user agent I added them and now they will show in who's online.

Name = Treato

User Agent String = treato-bot

There are 100s of bots some good some bad, but you can't make them visit.