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Database error - vtest - 2016-02-13

Hello, i got this error, just uploaded my database using BigDump..

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:1146 - Table 'admin_tntcrush.mybb_sessions' doesn't existQueryConfusedELECT * FROM mybb_sessions WHERE sid='9525329196cdc19cd8b36d368699e5bb' AND ip=X'c3e61883'

RE: Database error - Euan T - 2016-02-13


It looks like your database import might have not included the mybb_sessions table for some reason. Did you definitely do a full export originally?

RE: Database error - vtest - 2016-02-13

It was full export.

RE: Database error - boson - 2016-02-13

test ins localhost xampp if the table exist