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Edit first post / Prefix - MH_Razen - 2016-02-13

MyBB-Version: 1.8.6
PHP Version: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.21
SQL ENgine: MySQL 5.5.46

Following situation:
- User create a thread
- Moderator edit the thread and give it a special prefix. The user normally dont have the permission for this prefix.
- The user edit the first post -> the prefix is gone because he dont have the permission for it.

Suggestion to fix this:
The prefix dont get deleted if the user edit the post. When he submit the updates, you compare the new prefix with the prefix stored in the database - if it's the same it'll be submitted, even if the user dont have the permission to use it normally.

RE: Edit first post / Prefix - nth - 2016-02-13

It has been fixed and should be rolled out with the next release: