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Sidebar Plugin - ecko! - 2016-02-19

Is there a plugin that generates a sidebar? Like to have a sidebar that consist of links.

RE: Sidebar Plugin - .m. - 2016-02-19

you can try using Advanced Sidebox by changing plugin compatibility
it was coded for an older version of MyBB and it might not be fully functional on MyBB 1.8.x

RE: Sidebar Plugin - ecko! - 2016-02-19

Thanks for all the information. I will dig into the codes and see if that works.

Unfortunately it did not work. Maybe an updated version will come out.

Thanks anyways

RE: Sidebar Plugin - Blackbeard - 2016-02-19

what error did you get? this is working for me...

RE: Sidebar Plugin - ecko! - 2016-02-19

Well I couldn't find the compatibility in the code. So I uploaded it and it told me it was not compatible. Do you know the file to edit to make it comp. to 1.8?

RE: Sidebar Plugin - .m. - 2016-02-19

^ this is the required file to edit the compatibility line => ~/inc/plugins/asb/install.php

RE: Sidebar Plugin - ecko! - 2016-02-19

That worked! Thanks .m.

Well I got it installed. Activated a couple sidebars but nothing appears when I refresh my forums. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

RE: Sidebar Plugin - Blackbeard - 2016-02-22

this is happening to me aswell. dunno why.

RE: Sidebar Plugin - ecko! - 2016-02-22

Oh ok... well if you get an update post it here if you can.

Thanks for the response.

RE: Sidebar Plugin - ecko! - 2016-02-25

I was hoping that someone was able to get an update on this?

I am rolling on my forums thanks to all the support here! But this sidebar is the final piece to the puzzle if you will.