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FIXED Messages Bug, "=1 then>" - Shortninja - 2016-02-24

I recently got a new theme from my friend and everything is working great except for one small bug. The messages icon appears like this:

No messages:
[Image: 3705ff41d7a56d4f2cb44ee60a384983.png]

New message(s):
[Image: f64a654f7af92b681d2b0f0ddb995c84.png]

I have scoured through files and forum threads tirelessly for over an hour and I have not been able to find the source of the problem. I am not sure exactly what PHP file contains the determination of message count, so if somebody just told me that then I can most likely fix my problem. Thank you in advance!


I edit the XML file that the theme came in from mybbvietnam and then i searched for the strange if statements that existed in there. I dont know what they are to be sure, but I just removed them haha. it then fixed the issue. i think they are tags created by the theme author as conditionals but obviously they do not work.

RE: Messages Bug, "=1 then>" - .m. - 2016-02-24

what is your forum url & exactly which theme you are using ?
we are not supposed to provide support for premium themes.

(premium theme purchase proof is required so that I can try to help)

RE: Messages Bug, "=1 then>" - Shortninja - 2016-02-24

The thread URL is and I don't know what theme i use? my friend sent me the xml file and the images folder after making minor changes to it

i realize where it is now; the xml file. I found this:

i have never seen <if> in html once in my life so i have no clue what is going on. ive tried searching on google about it and nothing

RE: Messages Bug, "=1 then>" - .m. - 2016-02-24

^ in that xml file, theme name should be also present.
anyway, I'll give the clue this time.
you have to install & activate template conditionals plugin

RE: FIXED Messages Bug, "=1 then>" - Shortninja - 2016-02-24

i see the theme name, it is Modern v2. after quick google search i see the theme cost $30 and my friend gived it for free. is that not allowed? if he has license can i use it too? if not i will find a differnt theme.

thank you for the link to the plugin, i wish i knew earlier. however, i remove the if statements already since there were only two. thanks

RE: FIXED Messages Bug, "=1 then>" - .m. - 2016-02-24

^ license is for single forum's use only
support eligibility policy Wrote:.. Illegal use of electronic assets,
including but not limited to violation of theme licensing
(e.g. removing author name from footer)

RE: FIXED Messages Bug, "=1 then>" - Shortninja - 2016-02-24

ok thanks you i will try to find a free theme for my forums or ask if he let me be the one forum that use his license

thanks for other assistance as well, just wasnt soon enough i guess xp