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RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2017-10-02

(2017-10-02, 08:20 PM)Dead-i Wrote: How do i remove display name format colour?
I tried using the option in ACP settings but it doesn't work!

Have to work when you have disabled, have you a cache performance via server ?

I have to review it since new update of mybb change some parts of code that i have to improve. BUt with that option disabled have to work. I will review it asap.

(2017-10-02, 08:21 PM)bositman Wrote: Well here is my activated plugin list, although I highly doubt any of em can interfere with your plugin:
DVZ Secure Content
Awaiting Activation Message
HTML in Posts
My Advertisements
Signature image limit
Usergroup legends

Nope, none of that plugins can be a conflictive one.

Any chance to reproduce it im my server to make a fix for that ?

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Livewire - 2017-10-02

Nevermind had to clear browser cache and then it worked.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - bositman - 2017-10-03

Sorry can't give you any tips, I'd debug it myself but don';t have time to get a mirror of the forum locally and open it in a debugger. This obviously happens on the forum bit (index) to log that many warnings in minutes.

Our forum is fairly large and after enabling your plugin I got reports of mark forum as read not working properly and some buddy list issues, which were gone after I disabled it again so I can't afford to debug all these problems...I probably won't be using it

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2017-10-03

Yes is the best choice to not use if you have issues.

Unfortunatelly all of them aren't related to my plugin due i use it since 1.6.x series until now and my foruns run it with latest versions of services availables and 0 errors happens and when an error was confirmed it is fixed asap but errors on an only one user are related to another kind of service. So if i have the time and bad luck to reproduce same errors then it should be fixed. Otherwise do not because mentioned parts of code shiuld work.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - shadowxss - 2017-11-10

it is showing double avatars on threads, index & pm's
any idea why?

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - .m. - 2017-11-10

^ check if the plugin's variable is appearing twice in the respective templates [eg. forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost template]

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2017-11-10

I think as .m. said duplicated entries.

Verify that guide for templates and vars, every var have to be only once.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - canadacommunity - 2017-12-02

I have 2 problems to report on this great plugin.

The first problem in the photo shows admin with surrounding "#"  and the number of the profile

The second problem I have is when i go to w3c valiadator is gives this error

Line 262, Column 275there is no attribute "onerror"
…="Admin" class="avatarep_img" onerror="this.src='images/default_avatar.png'" /…

Help will be appreciated.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2017-12-02

First one is related to another plugin to use formated names, this plugin makes a conflict with that, disable into plugin configuration format user names to use your other plugin.

The second one is related to avatars when there are no a valid avatar onerror is a js attribute for img tags. W3c is now deprecated and do not up to date.

You can open plugin and remive it but not recomended.

And that was all.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - canadacommunity - 2017-12-02

thank you very much for your time in explaining everything.