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RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2019-07-06

You can combine with the forumbits hook now to disable when x case exist.

Or disable the format names to customize it by that way.

But if it will be for only some users then add that instance of code to the file of avatars and do nothing for that code, but for the others run the change and that have to solve your request Smile

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - canadacommunity - 2019-07-07


Just wanted to say in my personal opinion your plugin brings life to my forum, thanks for your time and everything that you put into this wonderful plugin!

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2019-07-07

Thanks to all the community for their awesome work.

I only try to contribute in all i can keeping up to date this and other contributions i make. And i hope you really enjoy it as i do it aswell.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Ashley1 - 2019-07-18

Can lastposter avatar be shown in the showthread_similarthreads_bit template? Something for the future perhaps ...

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2019-07-19

Yes i will add it, it makes sense to add it in there.

Thanks for your sugestion.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Ashley1 - 2019-07-19

usercp_forumsubscriptions_forum template  Angel

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.9 - Whiteneo - 2019-07-20

Yeah and into


I have noticed this into my development tests but until now the next major version is only available into my site inside plugins sections in the store, that section is free for registered users, that way i can track it issues or bugs for i can fix it and can release the next stable version in here.

Ok i have finished some tests and optimized the code to make it more clean and nicer to edit, added extra classes to all avatar positions for easier and customized preferences, you have to inspect elements to see it for now or review plugin to see the code it is very easier to track it.

Now i will continue the test phase inside the new 3.0.3 version until all is done i will make the next release in here but i have to make many tests before doing this to make sure it is a good product and usable to release.

RE: Lastposter avatar 3.0.x - ArtForums - 2019-08-11

is this still working?

RE: Lastposter avatar 3.0.x - canadacommunity - 2019-08-11

(2019-08-11, 02:49 PM)ArtForums Wrote: is this still working?

yes it works

RE: Lastposter avatar 3.0.x - Whiteneo - 2019-08-13

Yeah it is working fine and up to date, but i am working on the last addittions, testing it only due this post referral but right now i am updating more parts to continue into test phase of the new addittions to upload the new files but in the current version from extends yeah all works perfect into all mybb 1.8.x versions of mybb including the last version 1.8.21.