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RE: Lastposter avatar 3.0.x - Whiteneo - 2021-02-07

Sorry but i have not used any themes, just default one or default based themes.

I don't know anything about that theme so i can't help you on that issue, but maybe someone who are using it or know about that theme and my plugin should help.

RE: Lastposter avatar 3.0.x - chain - 2021-03-07

(2021-02-01, 05:00 AM)Whiteneo Wrote: Ok let me investigate more about this, i think i have solved the same issue in the past, but all the files that i have up to date into my forums first for test report phases until is stable and i upload in here too. So many times all is about user reports and a way to reproduce / debug the issue. I will see it due i use php 7.3 an no errors are there, but i will try it into php 7. 4 and mybb 1.8.24 when i have a free time to do and had ended all my current pendants but i will update this plugin soon.

O i forgot, the symbol # is to parse formated names, if you go to plugin list see if there are no errors marked from plugin in red, at least the last known errors was marked and ads info about an option to disable into the plugin to fix it.

Ok please upload the new files from last version and that should solve your issue.

On the end was not related to any of the described samples but i have founded the issue into my test demo board into php 7.4 environment and of course maybe in lesser versions can be handled but not for sure, anyways i have updated it and now that error must gone.

Please give a try and let me know.

Thank you, version 3.0.4 fixed it. Sorry, I was too busy to work on the project the last weeks. Today I tested it thoroughly and it works like a charm!

RE: Lastposter avatar 3.0.x - Olivepip - 2021-06-08

Hey I was wondering if it would be an easy thing to add an avatar for the newest member in the board stats? I'm assuming it would take adding a few lines of code to the plugin? Not that I'm really fluent enough in PHP to easily do that but I'm prepared to try.

EDIT: So of course I somehow stumbled upon the right string of code 5 minutes after posting this despite having been trying for over an hour prior. Just in case anyone else wants to show the newest board member's avatar, this works for me in boardstats:

RE: Lastposter avatar 3.0.x - Whiteneo - 2021-06-08

Yeah indeed i let the var for you can use it in the current pages shown, if you need a new one just by adding the this_script location to add it must work in new areas.