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RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - karacazade - 2016-10-20

ı have problem. avatar in the wrong area

[Image: RQ5DY6.png]

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - Whiteneo - 2016-10-22

I recomend you to update the latest plugin version and follow the guide i made in here.

The latest version is that, but i uploaded here too. So only follow the guidance i update and all have to go fine.

See yah !!!

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - wcampos - 2016-10-22

I have this error when active plugin, and try use search function.

[Image: ELagr6X.png]

Any tip how I solve this, using default theme.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - Whiteneo - 2016-10-22

What version of MyBB do you have ?

I have to reproduce that error to make a fix for that, i assume that can be due new version of MyBB but i dunno for sure.

I test it on local and no errors on searchs, but i have to review it again to see why the value of post id was not taken.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - wcampos - 2016-10-22

Using version 1.8.8, forget mention, thanks anyway, great plugin. If disable, search work fine again.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - Whiteneo - 2016-10-23

Did you try the latest github repo ?

I make some lesser changes today so i think have to solve that, but ayway i cannot reproduce it on my forums or clean forums or elsewhere.

I only thing that changes can be used to fix that error.

See yah !!!

And please let me know if errors are fixed to upload new version here too as dev until all detaills are fixed to set as stable version anyway.

Thanks for your feedback.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - wcampos - 2016-10-23

Thanks, work fine now, no more trouble, only with position avatar home, but I need change position, don´t check code yet.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - Whiteneo - 2016-10-23

Thaks for the comment now you can use the stylization guide i mentioned in this post.

Maybe that can be usefull i take default theme as reference to make the plugin, on other themes may change but if you see the code inside avatar vars you can do it elsewhere.

Anyway i have to wait to see more comments for upload new files and set all up to date.

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.6 - Whiteneo - 2016-10-26

Due some kindda issues i update files on github, right now i upload it here on new 2.8.9 version.

Hope all doubts and missing data or styled errors can be fixed on this version.

I update the guide to style new version but you can use your own in thi way:

<div style="float:left;">AVATAR VAR CREATED BY PLUGIN</div>

And done is more easy to work in this way to get more beauty and styled themes and set as you wish o your ownn themes more easily Big Grin

RE: Lastposter avatar 2.8.9 - MyFaith - 2016-11-08

I have problem with the avarta  not show in last post.
and the word in profile cant see ,how can i change the font color   Huh