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Help control panel broken - grog - 2016-03-14

I was just installing a plugin and as it wasn't working correctly I went to edit it using text editor on my hosts file manager. Then this happened. I deleted the plugin files and still no change.
The templates page on mybb control panel is broken, it displays "template" as all titles however they still all work when expanding them. Same on both my installed templateĀ and default template.
Everything else is fine.

See image attached..

I literally couldn't be bothered for a fix so I just reinstalled myBB. Nice to note that reinstalling by deleting the lock file didn't solve the problem. I had to delete all files then reinstall from scratch to fix it.

RE: Help control panel broken - Devilshakerz - 2016-03-14

That would be a PHP 7.x compatibility issue, which was fixed in MyBB 1.8.7.