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[F] when posting... - crsoft - 2007-05-14

I do not know if this had been said ok.

say i am posting some thing and i insert a code tag then i click that code tab butten agan to close it it still has that [CLOSE TAGS]. even if all the tags are closed because i click the code tag button and not that [CLOSE TAGS]

RE: when posting... - Ryan Gordon - 2007-05-14

Works fine here.

RE: when posting... - pepotiger - 2007-05-14

I think I get what did he mean.
just open any tag, and don't press close tags just press on the same tag button
(eg. open php tag, and close it using the same php button)
it'll close the opened tag, but you will still see the close tags picture displaying

RE: when posting... - DrPoodle - 2007-05-14

Yeah that happens here. Shouldn't be too hard to fix though.

RE: when posting... - crsoft - 2007-05-14

yes pepotiger thats what i mean.

RE: when posting... - Ryan Gordon - 2007-05-14

DrPoodle Wrote:Yeah that happens here. Shouldn't be too hard to fix though.

Do you have a solution; I'm crap at Javascript Sad

Not to mention I'm trying to get in all the fixes possible in 1.2.7

RE: [F] when posting... - Chris Boulton - 2007-05-15

This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.