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NetPen Theme - misharnet - 04-21-2016

After almost two months of hard work, I have submitted the latest #5 Build of NetPen Theme!
This is a Major update, because we have redesigned almost everything.

- Now all the forms are fully supported in mobile view ... and lot, lot more.
- UCP and MCP menu are now moved to sidebar that is collapsible.
- We have added Announcements, Social share buttons, Quick search on index page, all the images (ecept post icons) are replaced with font Awesome icons.
- Now Bootstrap 3 is fully implemented with the minimum of overrides ...
- Since NetPen uses Bootstrap Framework, Glyphicons are supported too.
- Almost 90% of tables are turned into divs ...
- portal.php, memberlist.php, private.php, stats.php, member profile etc ... these are all 100% responsive now and redesigned too.

Theme Documentations are included now too.

This is MyBB 1.8.8 compatible Theme version.
Once again, thank you so much for using NetPen theme.


For Support follow this LINK.





RE: NetPen Theme - Donald_Duck - 04-21-2016

Nice responsive theme, 9/10 Smile
Look's clean & elegant, vibrant colors

RE: NetPen Theme - misharnet - 04-21-2016

Thanks Donald_Duck ... as I said this is my first MyBB theme. It'll be improved and updated regularly.

RE: NetPen Theme - m0ckingbird - 04-21-2016

A good theme overall, especially the forumbit respectively the index page in general. The fact that this theme is responsive makes it a definitively worthy contribution to the MyBB Community.

I noticed that a few pages are not actually responsive, pages like: Calendar, Portal, Mod CP, a couple sub-pages of the User CP, and probably even more. Then there are pages like the profile and the forumdisplay page as well as couple others which doesn't seem to be optimized well.

Two examples:
1.) Forum Announcements are breaking the forumdisplay layout, most likely due to not hiding the necessary TRs/TDs @ Announcement Template.
2.) If the image on the profile page is too big, the image "cuts of" a small part of the site.

+ Due to not hiding or reattach a couple parts/divs some pages can look pretty "jammed".

A couple more things I noticed are that you doesn't seem to hide the statistics of the author which makes the postbit_author area look completely crammed (atleast if you use the classic postbit version)... It's just my personal opinion but you should hide everything except the avatar, name, rank and post / thread count maybe. Even the groupimages. The avatar keeps the the same dimensions here as well btw. Also, the checkbox input isn't aligned properly. Did you kept it like this on purpose? If not then display: inline-block is the solution in case you want to have the checkbox next to the thread ID again.

Last but not least: The font sizes and text in general are either too small or too close to each other. Wink

PS: Why the heck are you hiding the menu/header for like 0.5s if you scroll up or down? That makes no sense to me Big Grin

RE: NetPen Theme - misharnet - 04-21-2016

Thanks Delay. This is kind of feedback I exactly need right now, so I can set it all up as better as i can.
I'm currently working to improve classic view generally ... I believe that in a next couple of days I will submit these changes ...

RE: NetPen Theme - meetdilip - 04-21-2016

Nice work :thumbsup:

RE: NetPen Theme - misharnet - 04-22-2016

(04-22-2016, 10:49 AM)Max10 Wrote: Hello, thanks you i just downloaded it and it's a great theme.

Oh, thanks a lot. Be free to ask for support if needed.

RE: NetPen Theme - Phrenetiick - 04-22-2016

Reminds me a bit of Square by eNvy. It's great though, gj

RE: NetPen Theme - misharnet - 04-22-2016

I got some inspiration from square theme, especially about header and footer. But anyway, Forum themes generally look similar, because of predefined structure. it is not easy to stick out except with color combinations and some minor design solutions ...but I paid most attention to responsiveness.

RE: NetPen Theme - ipaywibisono - 04-26-2016

(04-21-2016, 10:26 AM)misharnet Wrote: [Image: desktop.png]

NetPen - Free Responsive myBB Theme. Modern designed with jQuery technology,  Bootstrap and Font Awesome icons. Fixed header. Custom content (footer, banners ...).

This is my first MyBB theme submitted to MyBB.

Detailed instructions are provided if you want to remove or change custom content.

Tested in the latest Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox versions.


For Support follow this LINK.

Fully responsive and tested in all popular mobile devices and screen resolutions:

[Image: mobile.png]

Hi bro,,,,please fix for version mobile,
Versi mobile no support send attachment,smile n box share link bro....thanks
Overall theme verry verry good.

sorry bro I edited your theme a little ,,,, but time edit edit credit ,,, way too far way in the template name what if you want to restore credit bro ?
sorry if my english is a mess .