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[F] Birthday in profiles - Michael S. - 05-16-2007

I'm sooooooo old. Toungue
Quote:Birthday: 07.11.83 (2007 years old)

RE: Birthday in profiles - Chris Boulton - 05-16-2007


Attached is a patched member.php which also fixes the problem.

RE: [F] Birthday in profiles - LeX- - 05-16-2007

I've got this in my profile overhere, May 20th is still 4days to go and my age is 21 =P

Birthday: Monday, May 20th, 1985 (22 years old)

And why does the "birthday" uses that fugly 'd-m-y' in the DB instead of a timestamp ? Wouldn't that make the calculation easier ?

RE: [F] Birthday in profiles - hemi - 05-16-2007

Wasn't that solved here?

RE: [F] Birthday in profiles - LeX- - 05-16-2007

hemi Wrote:Wasn't that solved here?

Then this board isn't upgraded yet ... =/ =P

Edit ::

Mine is 1.2.7 and has the same problem =P

RE: [F] [F] Birthday in profiles - Chris Boulton - 05-22-2007

This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.

RE: [F] Birthday in profiles - judel - 05-27-2007

Will the file that Chris attached here fix both birthday age problems or only the one that Michael mentioned in this thread?

RE: [F] Birthday in profiles - destroyer - 05-28-2007

Use the one in my "birthday bug" thread.

RE: [F] Birthday in profiles - judel - 05-28-2007

Thanks! Smile And for those that don't want to have to search for it,