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{HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - My BB - 2016-05-05

My forums frequently get Bots attacks.
Although I bad the IP and Acct. for such Bots Still on my forums those Bots keep posting randoms threads in a huge amount.
Is there any way by which/Pulgins I can stops Bots each.

Please Please help me out frm this.

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - Black Box - 2016-05-05

Just ban and ban them using purge spammer.. (ban user and IP Address)

Change your security question something hard..

Temporary active them via Administrator..

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - Ahmed Ali - 2016-05-06

you must use google recaptca on registration and also on posting and use hard questions on registration but goolge recaptca is best

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - palhanow - 2016-05-06

Just use Recaptcha from Google, some good thematic sec questions, and activation by e-mail man.

This should do the job well.

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - Aiko - 2016-05-06

consider putting cloudflare on your site. I havent seen a single spam post ever since I used them

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - meetdilip - 2016-05-06

NoCAPTCHA is a very effective method.

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - My BB - 2016-05-10

I have tried all the stuff still I am suffering bots attacks

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - Dimwu - 2016-05-10

(2016-05-10, 07:23 PM)My BB Wrote: I have tried all the stuff still I am suffering bots attacks

Sounds like you need to find yourself some moderators.  There is no end all solution to these types of attacks.

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - thelovelyone - 2016-05-11

Add security questions that mybb provides, admin cp -> configurations > leftside somewhere
e.g. whats the forum name maybe?

And ban all the spam bots that are left then.

RE: {HELP} Bots attack !!!!! - My BB - 2016-05-13

bot keep making threads That the major problems ALL security are enabled