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Inbox broken... - sleeping - 2016-05-14

Ever since I have upgraded my forum to latest 1.8.7 my Inbox seems to be all broken...

For example

If I try to use the search, I type in my term and click the Search PMs the button does not do anything.

Neither any of the other actions inside the Inbox work like move to  or delete, etc...

Let me know if you guys need me to post any code or information from my javascript or templates.

I believe the issue if related to javascript so I tagged it so but I am uncertain of it.

Looking forward to any kind of help.

SIDE NOTE: just want to add that other buttons/options in other parts of the forum are working just fine, for example the bottom moderation options found inside forums and threads, etc...

Never mind, for some reason it was missing the <form></form>+ hidden do_stuff ...

Added that and it worked again like a charm...