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Internal Error? - Consaholic - 2016-05-24

My friend is setting up her forum, well she merged an old IPB 3.4.6 forum with MyBB 1.8.7 and had it working perfectly for a few weeks...

However she recently moved her site to a new web host and has setup mysql databases & permissions accordingly.

She is using a custom administrator directory ~ if that helps ~ inc/config.php is setup accordingly too!
We also disabled all plugins from inc/config.php with no success.

Now randomly her site is chucking internal server errors.
All help appreciated.

RE: Internal Error? - .m. - 2016-05-25

web host panel should be having error log and cause of internal server errors should be traced through the log

RE: Internal Error? - Consaholic - 2016-05-26

issue is now resolved.
thanks for support .m.