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Showing threads on homepage - Johnanater - 2016-05-26

I'm making a website and I need a bit of help...

I want to show threads on my homepage, I know I could use the portal to do this, but I want it outside of MyBB with this style.  I've been Googling this for a while now. I followed lots of threads like Is there any way to show the entire thread like portal.php?

[Image: O4G7Y.png]
Obviously this is a bad Paint.NET edit, but this would be cool!  Smile

My website: (Use HTTPS)

Thanks for reading!

RE: Showing threads on homepage - SlayerLegendz - 2016-05-28

I think this would work
Put it where you want the threads to be, and to make the threads show like that you need to edit the showthread templates for your theme.
Change forum/global.php to where your global.php is, such as if ur global.php is in MyBB folder put MyBB/global.php

define("IN_MYBB", 1);
require_once "forum/global.php";
echo $showthreads;

And if ur homepage is index.html rename it to index.php

Check the pm i sent u. :-)

RE: Showing threads on homepage - Johnanater - 2016-05-28

Thanks for your help, but when I when I try it, it's just blank. I edited forum/global.php"; to forums/global.php"; to match my forum directory. No php errors, just blank. I renamed index.html to index.php