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Post Question - Glunar - 2016-05-26

[Image: l1kdJp.png]

[Image: PM508b.png]

They both use the same theme but their post has different type of ordination & style. The one's message is in the bottom and the other one has the messages on the right side with the profile thing on the left. How can I set it like that? (The first one with the left avatar on it.)

RE: Post Question - .m. - 2016-05-27

Quote:admin panel --> configuration --> settings --> show thread options -->
Post Layout --> select Display posts using the classic layout AND save settings

user control panel also has similar setting in Edit options (Thread View Options --> classic mode)

see also : [Tutorial]How to force/remove postbit styles

RE: Post Question - Glunar - 2016-05-27

Thank you!

It actually got bugged and isn't working. Could you help me?

It didn't work for some reason.