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Welcomeblock in homepage? - SlayerLegendz - 2016-05-27

Okay so my url is lets say
and my forum is
Now, how do i put the {$welcomeblock} variable in homepage so people can register, login and logout from the homepage?

RE: Welcomeblock in homepage? - mrmod - 2016-05-27

Header Welcome Block Or > Thread Modes How to change welcome block ? < "Possibly unsolved"
I am linking two help threads Hope this helps

RE: Welcomeblock in homepage? - SlayerLegendz - 2016-05-27

I want the header welcomeblock in my homepage, not just the forum ill pm u link to my forum if needed..

I don't want to change the welcomeblock..
I have already done that.
I want the welcomeblock in homepage wich is not interacted with the forum.
I'm guessing i need a php code for that, but whats the code?

RE: Welcomeblock in homepage? - .m. - 2016-05-27

this reply & its following replies might help (note: exact code might not work) [see also this post]

RE: Welcomeblock in homepage? - SlayerLegendz - 2016-05-27

Thank you, but i figured out i could just do this:

define("IN_MYBB", 1);
require_once "forum/global.php";
echo $header;

define("IN_MYBB", 1);
require_once "forum/global.php";
echo $footer;

So now i can change the header on all my pages in one time, instead of editing them one by one,

I still got a problem now, it works.. It's just that when i log in and it redirects me to the homepage it still wants me to login it doesnt show the member welcomeblock