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PM recipients limit - Wiggo - 2016-06-04

Anyone know where the limit is set on the number of recipients for a PM? Can't seem to find it in any of the settings...

RE: PM recipients limit - 404 - 2016-06-04

You go into ACP > Users/Groups > Groups > {Group Name } > Options > Edit group > Users/Permissions ----- go down to Private Messaging and change the value

RE: PM recipients limit - Wiggo - 2016-06-04

Currently set to 0 for admins, 5 for registered users. As an admin, I get a warning if I try to add more than 3...

RE: PM recipients limit - .m. - 2016-06-04

it is a bug. please see

RE: PM recipients limit - Wiggo - 2016-06-04

Stranger and stranger. I can have as many as I like on my staging server, even though in theory it is a clone of the live one.

Live server is PHP 5.4.42, staging is PHP 7.0.4-7ubuntu2.1

Not sure about mySQL versions...

Interesting, even though I copied all the templates/themes from the live server, the staging server's private_send_autocomplete had this: 
maximumSelectionSize: {$mybb->usergroup['maxpmrecipients']},

but the live server was set to 
maximumSelectionSize: 3,

Need to dig deeper...