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Subscription Bug? - Darkrad - 2016-06-23

Moderators can change subscription preference of thread starter,
They do that in my forum unintentionally - they have certain general subscription preferences which is selected automatically when they create a thread.

When they change thread, that option gets selected automatically.
Although they make no change there, even when they change a single character in thread, their subscription preference applies to thread's starter.

Example :
  1. user A creates a thread
  2. user A doesn't subscribe his own thread generally (via usercp options)
  3. user B subscribes every thread he created/posted
  4. user B gets private message everytime someone posts to threads he subscribed.
  5. when user B makes changes on user A's thread, his subscription preference applies to user A.
  6. user A gets private message when someone replies to thread he isn't actually subscribed to.

RE: Subscription Bug? - Destroy666 - 2016-06-23

What kind of changes? Do you mean editing the 1st post only or something else as well?

May be related to the cause of

RE: Subscription Bug? - Darkrad - 2016-06-23

We have index thread in our forum, when someone creates a new topic moderators update that index thread.
I noticed this happening on this thread, created by me and updated by different moderators. I had 0 subscription before, I started to have different subscription preferences for different index threads edited by different moderators. Their preference applies to me.

So when a moderator who subscribes to every thread and gets private message when someone replies updates my thread, I started to get private message notification when someone answers that thread.

RE: Subscription Bug? - Omar G. - 2018-05-05

After checking the code the only thing I think could be causing this is an edited template setting the 'subscriptionmethod' input.

RE: Subscription Bug? - Darkrad - 2018-05-11

Which template specifically?

RE: Subscription Bug? - Omar G. - 2018-05-11

According to your first post, I would guess it would be the _editpost_ template.