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[Upload]Attachements - No1.Pervade - 2016-06-25


Ive search all over the forums.

Note:I Have already uploaded from the past an attachement in compressed file format about 3.85MBS in a forum post and the post still exists with the attachement,why now suddenly i cannot upload?
The problem is that i cannot add attachements in compressed format (zip,.rar etc.),
What happens is that the page refreshes after uploading the attachement and the file isnt actualy uploaded and i cannot see it in attachement list nor in the bar to click on insert attachement its like is vasinishing after uploading.

Please give any explanation this is not logical since i havent touched the forum about months ago.

NoteTounguelease reply if you are knowledgeable of the situation or if you ever had the same situation in the past.

RE: [Upload]Attachements - .m. - 2016-06-25

have you checked if server error log has any clue ..

edit: you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & web host panel to check the issue ..