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Caching Issue - Darkrad - 2016-06-27

Hello, in my forum sometimes people see pages, cached for different users - they see page with another user's theme etc. I thought it is purely server related issue people from server company says they don't do caching and it can be related to htaccess file of forum.

I had this issue earlier :
(2016-01-03, 04:18 PM)Darkrad Wrote: Hello, yesterday I installed google seo plugin. While doing that I couldn't find .htaccess file, then I created one. Then I noticed I can't see what I created then I figured out it must be hidden and found it. But I assume when I created new .htaccess file I accidentally removed what's written in old .htaccess file

As you can see I accidentally removed my old htaccess file with simply creating a new one without knowing it actually exists. Then I added Google SEO stuff and redirection fix from that thread.

My question is, what should be in htaccess file? Anything lacking can cause caching misconfiguration there? What should I add in order to solve this issue? Please help.

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - laie_techie - 2016-06-28

The file name is .htaccess; since it begins with a period, it will be hidden from directory listings unless you specifically say to include it (for example ls -a from within telnet / SSH).

In order for Google SEO to work, your .htaccess file needs to include rules to translate the friendly URLs to MyBB's default ones. If you go to the plugins page of the ACP, there should be a sample under the Google SEO entry.

.htaccess can include other entries, such as restricting access based on IP address or password, but that's a lesson for another day.

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - Darkrad - 2016-06-28

Hello thank you I know these now, I have those entries in htaccess for Google SEO plugin already. But I am experiencing really frustrating caching issue, people see pages -created for another user.

Support team of server said its not related to them and it can be caused by misconfiguration etc. in htacccess file.

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - BaggerHD - 2016-06-29

How does your .htaccess look like?

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - Darkrad - 2016-06-29

2 things about rewrite options, google seo stuff and one thing about redirects.

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - BaggerHD - 2016-06-30

A copy of your .htacces would be more handy Wink

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - Darkrad - 2016-06-30

Here, I am experiencing this issue right now, again. Not sure how long it will stay. It usually happens for a brief time like 10 minutes.
I create redirect from my forum to actual website when this happens.

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - frostschutz - 2016-06-30

You're using cloudflare. If it's not your host, it's most likely this. Never used cloudflare myself so I can't really help.

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - Corey H - 2016-06-30

Are you using the "Cache Everything" page rule on CloudFlare?

RE: htaccess - Caching Issue - Darkrad - 2016-07-01

I dont have any page rule on CloudFlare, should I set one?