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Thread Status - Kerala - 2016-07-08

hi guys 

i need to set like this anybody help me

RE: how to change this - Nuance - 2016-07-08

Bottom of Templates > Forum Display Templates > forumdisplay_threadlist

RE: how to change this - Ashley1 - 2016-07-08

Thread legend is contained in forumdisplay_threadlist and usercp_subscriptions templates. Basic styling for it is found in global.css around lines: 990

.thread_legend dd {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;

.thread_legend dd {
padding-bottom: 4px;
margin-right: 15px;

.thread_legend img {
margin-right: 4px;
vertical-align: bottom;

The images are not easy to change because they are sprite images:

You can see this tutorial for changing them to font-awesome:

RE: how to change this - Kerala - 2016-07-19

any body there??????

RE: how to change this - s3_gunzel - 2016-07-19

People have responded to you; read their responses.

RE: how to change this - Kerala - 2016-07-19

can i add other image there i have to add other image

RE: how to change this - Kerala - 2016-08-10


How can i change hot topic with the closed icon and also the dot icon???

RE: how to change this - katos - 2016-08-10

Please use a descriptive topic title when creating threads. A descriptive topic title is something that relates to the issue you are asking for support regarding. For example, "Display Icon change" or "Forum Icon help" It will stop your threads being locked in the future.

RE: Thread Status - Kerala - 2016-08-11

any solution