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Postbit Query - IceEyes - 2016-07-31

Hi, how to fix my postbit?  Confused

RE: fix - PuggyDreamy/CosmicKeiko - 2016-07-31

I think you could describe a bit more as well as rename the thread to something like "Postbit display problem" so that people don't ignore the thread, "fix" isn't that descriptive and people tend to avoid answering threads when they have titles like that.

I don't really know the exact problem or what it is supposed to look like either.

Just a tip basically to everyone here asking for support or you can't be helped as well by others.

RE: fix - IceEyes - 2016-07-31

Just want postbit up..
I have this on right, but I want that show with username same row.

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RE: fix - lavaskins - 2016-07-31

you add this css to global.css

.author_information {
display: inline-block;

RE: fix - IceEyes - 2016-07-31

Nice, ty Big Grin

And I have question 2 too.. How to change that blue blackground in postbit?

RE: fix - lavaskins - 2016-07-31

you find ".post .post_author" in showthread.css.
in css you will see: background: # 405972;
you replace the color you want.

RE: Postbit Query - Ben - 2016-08-01

Please use a descriptive topic title when creating threads. A descriptive topic title is something that relates to the issue you are asking for support regarding. For example, "Template Question" or "Database connection error" It will stop your threads being locked in the future.