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Auto Private Message Edit - MybbLove - 2016-08-01

When someone register to my forum they get private message auto.
i don't figure out how i can edit it 
that's welcome message and i want to change it but i can't find the setting 
i am using the latest version of mybb , 
so please some help for me  Angel

RE: Auto Private Message Edit - Ben - 2016-08-01

Please use a descriptive topic title when creating threads. A descriptive topic title is something that relates to the issue you are asking for support regarding. For example, "Template Question" or "Database connection error" It will stop your threads being locked in the future.

You can likely edit this in the language file, is it a plugin you're using?

RE: Auto Private Message Edit - MybbLove - 2016-08-01

sorry. for the title ( but i provide the one i think was good for ) Private message

I think i am not using plugin , i can't find the setting
When someone register , he get welcome message , i want to disable it or i want to edit it
its just greetings
you are welcome to the forum
please introduce your self to other member.

i want to edit it. But can't find how can i do .

i find it that was mybot setting,
i disable the plugin and done.