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Custom Pages - - 2016-08-23

I would suggest the MyBB Dev team to add a custom pages option in the ACP menu.
With this option, forum owners would be able to create custom webpages, under the MyBB root installation directory such as a donations page, etc.

Thank you,

RE: Custom Pages - Euan T - 2016-08-23

Yep, as above there is an ongoing discussion going on. At this point, the poll is overwhelmingly positive, so I'll probably accept it soon.

Custom Pages - Euan T - 2016-08-23


Your suggestion has been marked as a duplicate suggestion. This may be because your suggestion has already been implemented or is already a planned feature.

RE: Custom Pages - outlaw16151 - 2018-05-11

Question for anybody who can tell me?

i made a custom page and there is a "?" right after the the url, that is when i go to whoseoline

it says Unknown Location, is that good or bad?