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Mark forum(s) read - eeji - 2016-08-29

I want to put a link in the header to mark forums read, but for some stupid reason {$post_code_string} and {$fid} aren't available to that template.

Has anyone got any ideas how it can be done?

my code so far (in the 'header' template)...

	<if THIS_SCRIPT == "forumdisplay.php" then>
		<a href="misc.php?action=markread&amp;fid={$fid}{$post_code_string}"><i style="font-size: 12px;" class="fa fa-file-text fa-fw"></i> Mark This Forum Read</a>
		<a href="misc.php?action=markread{$post_code_string}"><i style="font-size: 12px;" class="fa fa-file-text fa-fw"></i> Mark All Forums Read</a>

(template conditionals plugin is installed to allow use of <if> )

RE: Mark forum(s) read - eeji - 2016-08-30

never mind, I wrote a little plugin to fix it

RE: Mark forum(s) read - JordanMussi - 2016-08-30

For others who may be interested, you can use:
But you will need to use XThreads in order to use the if statement in templates.