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Free Theme Installation (W3-Responsive only) - Ashley1 - 08-31-2016

I will help you install and customize this theme for your forum, for free. You can see the details of this theme on the MyBB website at:

The main benefits of using this theme is that it's lightweight (not heavy on resources), easily customizable (being mostly CSS), and responsive (you don't need 3rd party apps or plugins to use the forum on mobile devices). Being mobile friendly, your position in the Search Engine results pages should improve as well.


  1. You must have an established forum with a minimum of 50 members and 1000 posts.
  2. Your forum must meet the MyBB eligibility requirement for support.
  3. The offer does not include the creation of graphics, which I do not do.
  4. The offer is limited to 5 hours of my time per request.

RE: Free Theme Installation (W3-Responsive only) - Khankharor - 05-23-2018

i want to make my current theme responsive..
forum url :