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RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - Ashley1 - 2019-02-10

File: inc/plugins/google_seo/sitemap.php (Line no. 88)
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - `KazaN. - 2019-02-27

Hi there, url redirect's are not working for me. I just installed my mybb copy on ovh vps (ufw/iptables off), php 7.3 & debian 8.  I checked documentation, it can't help me :/. That's how my .htaccess file looks:
RewriteEngine on

# Some hosts require RewriteBase to make RewriteRules work.
RewriteBase /forum/

# Google SEO workaround for search.php highlights:
# Make this rule the first rewrite rule in your .htaccess!
RewriteRule ^([^&]*)&(.*)$ https://xxx.xx/forum/$1?$2 [L,QSA,R=301]

# Google SEO 404:
ErrorDocument 404 /forum/misc.php?google_seo_error=404

# Google SEO Sitemap:
RewriteRule ^sitemap\-([^./]+)\.xml$ misc.php?google_seo_sitemap=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Forums:
RewriteRule ^Forum\-([^./]+)$ forumdisplay.php?google_seo_forum=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Threads:
RewriteRule ^Thread\-([^./]+)$ showthread.php?google_seo_thread=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Announcements:
RewriteRule ^Announcement\-([^./]+)$ announcements.php?google_seo_announcement=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Users:
RewriteRule ^User\-([^./]+)$ member.php?action=profile&google_seo_user=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Calendars:
RewriteRule ^Calendar\-([^./]+)$ calendar.php?google_seo_calendar=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Events:
RewriteRule ^Event\-([^./]+)$ calendar.php?action=event&google_seo_event=$1 [L,QSA,NC]
What should i check/do?

Edit: I checked database, all entries are there.

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - frostschutz - 2019-03-01

Quote:url redirect's are not working for me

Your webserver has to be configured to allow URL rewrites. No idea how to help you there.

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - jcastro - 2019-03-04

Hello, I hope you can help me

I installed the plugin and configured it. Everything works except these links.

To create a new topic within a forum

To get into a topic in a forum (not working) (if it works)

These are the only links I've seen that do not work, should we include something else in the .htcacces?

Sorry for the English, I use google translator.

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - frostschutz - 2019-03-05

use - instead of /

virtual directory structure ( url scheme with / in it ) comes with problems:

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - jcastro - 2019-03-05

(2019-03-05, 10:37 AM)El Wrote: uso de frostschutz - en lugar de /

estructura de directorio virtual (esquema url con / in it) viene con problemas: frostschutz / MyBB-Google-SEO / issues / 43 # issuecomment-14617072

Problem solved thank you very much

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - Skyrider - 2019-03-13

So from the looks of it, / is not recommended?

I came from vBulletin 4 and it has the same / infrastructure without any problems. With links such as:

- /forum/forum/vbulletin-announcements/vbulletin-announcements_aa/4404840-introducing-phar
- /forum/member/868-wayne-luke

Preventing advertisement :p, so using the ending links only.

So is this a limitation by the Google SEO system?

I'm trying to use the / and for some it works, while others it doesn't. EG, for /users/, it appears to work though in profiles if a person is reason a thread its linking the user to /user/thread/threadname. Obviously, the user in the link is breaking stuff.

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - frostschutz - 2019-03-14

(2019-03-13, 07:56 PM)Skyrider Wrote: So is this a limitation by the Google SEO system?

Originally it's a MyBB limitation. If you go into the MyBB core file and change thread-x.html to thread/x.html you have the same issue.

It was a design choice for Google SEO to be a minimally invasive plugin, so it merely builds upon the core URL system of MyBB, without changing core behavior other than replacing random number ID with a subject string.

A more aggressive approach would have been for Google SEO to introduce its own routing system (which MyBB simply doesn't have) but that just wasn't the goal of it.

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - kawaii - 2019-03-14

(2019-03-14, 01:02 AM)frostschutz Wrote: A more aggressive approach would have been for Google SEO to introduce its own routing system (which MyBB simply doesn't have) but that just wasn't the goal of it.

A request router is one of our future goals for MyBB 1.10, I really hope we include some of the innovations found in your plugin into the core too. Smile

RE: Google SEO 1.8.3 - Wildcard - 2019-03-26

I searched, but didn't find an answer to this. Sorry if it is explained somewhere.

When you move a thread and leave a redirect, an identifier is added to the new URL. If the original thread was Thread-My-Thread and you move the thread, the redirect will be Thread-My-Thread and the new link might be Thread-My-Thread--1234

My question is can I delete the redirect and somehow make the new URL the same as it used to be? If I go to the google_seo table, find the thread and adjust it there (after deleting the redirect) will that cause any issues?

Thanks in advance.