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RE: Google SEO 1.8.4 - frostschutz - 2021-08-19

Well, there is a space character in the output, and this space character is also on your main page and everywhere else.

So the sitemap xml starts with 'space <?xml' instead of '<?xml' which XML takes offense to. Your HTML likewise starts with 'space <!DOCTYPE' instead of '<!DOCTYPE' which browsers ignore. So something outputs extra space on every page, you just don't notice it normally.

Maybe one of your PHP files has a stray space at start or end. If so bomfix.php above might find it. Maybe some other code misbehaving in some other way.

You could debug it in PHP directly I guess (try your luck with headers_sent() function, if something sends space character out early, it will give you filename and line).

RE: Google SEO 1.8.4 - PARADOXP - 2021-08-19

(2021-08-18, 07:20 AM)frostschutz Wrote: Do you have a link to your site?

Alternatively download the sitemap as a file (with wget) and then check out its source code (with hexdump -C as byte order mark would be invisible otherwise). Then you'd at least know what to look for.

I had a MyBB "plugin" hack to find potentially broken PHP files some ages ago. There should be other tools around to do this better...

After i installed it says me i have these errors.

should i do it to fix those things what it has said ?

RE: Google SEO 1.8.4 - frostschutz - 2021-08-19

if you don't have a problem there is nothing to fix.

in case of problems, bomfix.php just gives you a hint of where the culprit may be. the "?> missing" is a false positive in most cases since MyBB no longer uses ?> at the end of its PHP files anyway. it's only a problem if there is actually a ?> (followed by non-newline) at the end of PHP, as that would end up in the output

the only thing that stands out is that you seem to have a .php file in uploads, that's a bit odd since users should not be able to upload php code that would be executed by the server. so no idea what uploads/zipper.php is supposed to be, maybe check that its not malicious

RE: Google SEO 1.8.4 - Wanda1985 - 2021-08-19


Thank you so much for your help so far.

I ran bomfix and one of the php had a space
in front of " <?php" I remove that and click on sitemap
at the ACP plugin page and got this display.

Not sure if it means everything is oka?

[Image: IhZnult.jpg]

RE: Google SEO 1.8.4 - frostschutz - 2021-08-19

Yes, that should be fine. Everything else depends on your sitemap settings and forum permissions.

RE: Google SEO 1.8.4 - techinbermudas - 2021-09-20

Since i installed the plugin i got an error in Adsense saying theres an Error indexing ads, it can have a loss of revenues.
(Clicking on Action goes to a "...not ready to procceed the page. Our engineers know the error and will fix" page)

I've been into the Google Console Search and sent again everything for indexing and i get no errors in both pages (main website in wordpress and subdomain forum in mybb).

i've edited .htcaccess (uploaded as txt) like it was mentioned in the plugin so i dont know what to do more. Everything works perfectly except that.

sitemap.xml on the main site
sitemap-index.xml on the mybb

both uploaded without error.