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InnoDB - Foreign Key Constraints? - ViLeGlyph - 2016-10-03

Hello, i'm new here and I am looking around at a bunch of different forum systems trying to figure out what works best for my project. The website looks nice, and I like the forums here. So... on to my question!

My plugin project requirements:
  1. InnoDB - with Foreign Key Constraints
Does MyBB have a native function for creating InnoDB tables? Does it support foreign keys as well? And also reference options?

Thank you for your time and expertise! If you have any other questions or need any specifics I will get back to you as quickly as possible.
- Glyph

RE: InnoDB - Foreign Key Constraints? - dragonexpert - 2016-10-03

There is no native function, but you can make sure your query has ENGINE = Innodb and it will be that storage engine. The keys and references that are supported would depend on your server, not MyBB.