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Responsive Themes - Zylantex - 10-11-2016

My forum has an older age demographic of not so computer savvy usersĀ andĀ is split pretty much 50/50 between desktop users and mobile users using tablets and phones. Some users have both and use their mobile devices to browse the forum in the evenings while half-watching TV.

I would like to add a responsive theme to my forum for the benefit of tablet/phone users. Ideally I would like to have the system default set to a theme suited to desktop use but to have a second theme that becomes the default, without users having to swap themes manually each time, for mobile users.

Is this possible? Can anybody recommend a suitable theme or complimentary pair of themes?

RE: Responsive Themes - WallBB - 10-11-2016

There are some responsive themes at MyBB mods. Check them out here
There a few ways using which you can make a website mobile friendly, I wrote an article last year which might help you


RE: Responsive Themes - meetdilip - 10-13-2016

I would recommend MyBB GoMobile plugin. It gives a mobile theme while on a mobile device and whatever theme you use use on desktop/laptop.

RE: Responsive Themes - brad-t - 10-13-2016

I like Respond:

RE: Responsive Themes - Zylantex - 10-14-2016

Thank you for the responses, much appreciated.