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Category Descriptions Missing - freewindfairy - 2016-10-19


I'm creating my very first forum and hope someone can help me with a problem.

I've changed the theme from Andreas09_Black to Rush.
I like the clear design very much ... but all descriptions below the categories are gone.

Is there a way to add them with help of html or css to the new theme?

I'm using MyBB 1.8.7

Thank you at advance


I forgot to add a picture:


RE: Category Descriptions Missing - iAndrew - 2016-10-19

Templates > Rush > Forumbit Templates > forumbit_depth1_cat

Look for
<strong><a href="{$forum_url}">{$forum['name']}</a></strong>

Then add after it
<br /><div class="smalltext">{$forum['description']}</div>

RE: Category Descriptions Missing - freewindfairy - 2016-10-19

It worked out excellently and you are my personal super star! :-)

Thank you so much.