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Move Posts Dropdown - kylesw555 - 2016-10-29


When a staff member on my board moves posts from one thread to another they are presented with a box which asks for the URL of the forum in which the posts are to be moved to, is there any way this can be replaced with a dropdown list of all the forums instead?

Thanks in advance,

RE: Move Posts Dropdown - Sharree - 2016-10-29

If your moving posts then you will be asked to provide a URL of the thread you want the posts moved to
If your moving an entire thread however, you will select the forum from a drop down menu that you want the thread moved to.

RE: Move Posts Dropdown - kylesw555 - 2016-11-29

Thanks for that but I'm very much aware of that.

What I want is for the move posts function to have a dropdown menu like that of the move threads option.