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auto delete backups - metulburr - 2016-11-08

There is a task for automatically making a backup (by default weekly). IS there a way to delete the oldest backup (most likely ran at the same time). Then if you have 5 backups, you would always have 5 backups, just they get updated in the last 5 weeks.

As is i have a ton of backups i have to manually delete.

RE: auto delete backups - Nathan Malcolm - 2016-11-08

The names of the backup files are supposed to be kept private. I highly recommend you delete those backups now and change all administrators passwords. It would be trivial for someone to compromise your forum (though handing them the database takes away the hard work).

RE: auto delete backups - Donald_Duck - 2016-11-08

Yes, Nathan is right.

And +1 for oP's suggestion

RE: auto delete backups - metulburr - 2016-11-08

wow i didnt know that