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Need help - Somi - 2016-11-10

Good morning to one and all watching this thread, I am glad to say that MyBB is good, But I got some problems in theme section. I don't know how to figure it out, If you would help me, then it would be great for me and everyone else.

First problem indeed:

[Image: Mybb.gif]

I have seen a similar theme, and the section which I have pointed out was at left. If I solved this problem, then It would be easy to put group images. Hope that I will get to know.

Second problem indeed:

I want to change the color of thing which I have pointed out. You may check below

[Image: mybb2.gif]

If I got to know then that would be a great pleasure.

My reviews about MyBB:

I really liked this software, and would suggest others to use it and It is better that Xenforo. Mind it

RE: Need help - .m. - 2016-11-10

see this guidance => force/remove postbit styles

for the other requirement,
can you tell us which theme you are using & can we have your forum url ..

RE: Need help - Somi - 2016-11-10


RE: Need help - .m. - 2016-11-10

can you please post (or PM me) purchasing proof of the theme & theme coder's consent for removing his copyright

please see support eligibility policy