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"Blocking System" - Zaqre - 2016-11-16

Yes, the ignore system does prevent users from sending a private message/email, and it also does hide the posts, but could someone make a plugin that works along site the "Ignore" feature where if you ignore someone, nothing changes, but if you block someone, your posts don't show to them, and their posts don't show to you? 

Basically this:

Person A is being an arse.

Person B blocks Person A.

Person A cannot send/receive messages to/from Person B likewise Person B cannot send/receive messages to/from Person A.

When Person B posts a thread or a reply to a thread, Person A is either not allowed to post on it or see it (which ever is easier) [There is no "Show posts button"]

(Willing to pay)

RE: "Blocking System" - dragonexpert - 2016-11-16

I don't have the time to do this today, but I would be able to do it Monday the 21st. If that works for you let me know and we can discuss over Skype.

RE: "Blocking System" - Zaqre - 2016-11-16

That should be good!

RE: "Blocking System" - dragonexpert - 2016-11-16

My Skype is dragonexpert8323. I'll be available for the next hour. We can get everything finalized there.

RE: "Blocking System" - dragonexpert - 2016-11-21

Your plugin is ready. I'll send you a download link via pm.