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Help with badges. - mynewcar - 2016-11-21

Hey all, I'm trying to add a badge I made in CSS and HTML but it doesn't allow me to make the group image a FONT AWESOME icon and change it via the group image manager in admin con. Can anyone tell me how I can make this happen So I can change  the icon to different user groups?

Current badge: <span id="awesome" class="rank-medals small simple" style="border-color:#b74100;background-color:#b74100; title="Special Achievement"><i class="fa fa-star-o"></i><span class='rank-title'>{$usergroup['title']} </span></span>

Forum link;
All the users have the same icon as the admins and i want this to be different

RE: Help with badges. - Zaqre - 2016-11-21

Tsk tsk