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Google SEO Error - soniagayathri - 2016-11-28


I installed Google SEO 1.8.0. Working good
It shows subforums as an Example   -- name
and Thread as --

I Want to show Subforum as name
No need to change the Thread URL.

So, I changed the Rewrite rule in .htaccess

But, Now the Error is -

Subforums showing as

But, If we click the Thread means, It shows 404 Error..

How to Rectify this..
Plz Help me Frds..

Thank You.

RE: Google SEO Error - iturdu - 2016-11-28

you cant remove thread from url/Thread-title but you can change Thread to some other words .

RE: Google SEO Error - .m. - 2016-11-28

see also related guidance => avoid scheme conflicts