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No more log-in - shadowfree - 2016-11-29

Following the attempt to solve a problem (this is the thread) can not perform log in, ask for a new password, but the completion of the process you get the following message "You have performed a successful login you will be redirected to the page from which you came." That makes me repeat the process indefinitely, because I have to rerun the log-in, thanks.

RE: No more log-in - Zaqre - 2016-11-29

#1 Delete your browser cookies, try logging in again. Report back the results

RE: No more log-in - shadowfree - 2016-11-29

same thing, I refered to that thread because I believe I have set wrong in some field l 'http // but do not know how to correct it now

RE: No more log-in - makpaolo - 2016-11-29

check ur board url settings.

make sure cookie url is example of:

cookie path is:

makae sure board url is: (NO SLASH AT END /)

RE: No more log-in - shadowfree - 2016-11-29

is impossible for me touch the impostation, because not accept the log-in, what I can do? there is a way to solve? or I have to clear the forum? Sad

RE: No more log-in - Matt - 2016-11-29

Edit the values in ./inc/settings.php, then you will be able to log in, you must then make the change again in the ACP.

RE: No more log-in - shadowfree - 2016-11-29

Thanks Matt, as you know I'm no expert, here are 429 rows that I have to touch? and how do I fix? can you tell me the name of 'attribute?
I see this, is correct?:
- $settings['bburl'] = "";
- $settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
- $settings['fbmeta_global_site_url'] = "";
- $settings['homeurl'] = "";
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks peoples, i have correct this setting:
- $settings['cookiedomain'] = "" to ""
and now i have logged Smile