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Missing mybb_reports - Citrus - 2016-12-10

I appear to be missing the table for some odd reason, probably due to an upgrade or something and it didn't add it in.

[Image: Rd3BGE1.png]

How would I create the appropriate table and make it work with the report reasons?


RE: Missing mybb_reports - Matt - 2016-12-10

Seems to be related to a plugin as it's not a core table.

Missing mybb_reports - Matt - 2016-12-10

Moved to Plugin Support.

RE: Missing mybb_reports - Citrus - 2016-12-10

Odd, I don't have any plugins which manage that.

[Image: od84zfJ.png]

[Image: ls5YuBz.png]

If I try to edit or delete any reasons, I get the MyBB SQL error.

RE: Missing mybb_reports - Matt - 2016-12-10

Sorry my bad, this was added in 1.8.8.

This can be fixed by applying this patch:


RE: Missing mybb_reports - Citrus - 2016-12-12

Thank you. No longer getting the MySQL error but I have run into another problem.

The report reasons I have added do not show up when reporting content.

[Image: ELhbUai.png]

And these are my report reasons - 
[Image: 3wDzrH0.png]