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Can someone screenshot - Robbie626 - 2016-12-24

The Newpoints tables for the newpoints_shop_categories. I have to create the table myself and have no clue for the values. Thanks!


Can someone screenshot - Matt - 2016-12-24

Moved to Plugin Support.

RE: Can someone screenshot - Robbie626 - 2016-12-25

Why am I getting this issue when I install:

[Image: c8143c7b083649549182caae4020dbf8.png]

When I go to the shop tab:

[Image: 4df7c1f4f4644429bfeb7be43696ee31.png]

When I uninstall:
[Image: 9df464cd63f94354995ec5b66f834f7d.png]

I honestly have no clue what to do... I uninstalled the plugin and uploaded to the correct folder numerous time. I am using the latest version of both MyBB and Newpoints. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I never encounter these issues with the shop plugin. Sad