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Banner Scroll Nav Bar - Grumpykitty - 2016-12-31

Phpbb, has this something similar. I actually like it.. but I would like to see one created for here as well. You can add many banners and links and it will display on the front page, For example. If you run a game chronicle you can add a banner to another game and a link to their site... that would be one banner scroll the next you can do the same but with another gaming site.. etc etc.  

Thank you
Kitty. Heart

RE: Banner Scroll Nav Bar - WallBB - 2017-01-01

Are you talking about sliders ?
if yes than you can use lot of jquery based slider. I didn't understood your question properly, probably if you add images it will be better.

RE: Banner Scroll Nav Bar - Grumpykitty - 2017-01-03

No. I'm talking about a banner that shows different banners say like either in the header area, or under it.. is there a plugin for such?

RE: Banner Scroll Nav Bar - WallBB - 2017-01-03

You will need something custom for that.
I checked mods, there is an old plugin but it might work for you.

RE: Banner Scroll Nav Bar - Grumpykitty - 2017-01-04

That's for a 1.6x, I'm using the current version of Mybb..