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Custom report script? - ConnerKid - 2017-01-04

I have a website using MyBB for the forum software and general user stuff. However there are pages outside of the form that may contain content users have uploaded and I would like to use MyBB's report system to allow reporting of this content.

Is this possible, and how do I create a report? Can I have custom reasons?

RE: Custom report script? - Matt - 2017-01-04

It sounds like you need a totally separate system, the report system is designed to report posts on the forum, not arbitrary external content - it would need rewriting of things like the unread reports notice and Mod CP section to support this in the existing system. Where would suers go to report said content?

RE: Custom report script? - fizz - 2017-01-04

You can definitely create custom reasons for a report, but as Matt said there's not really any way you could report external stuff using MyBB's built in reporting system. The only way that could work (that I can think of, not even saying it necessarily will work) would be just having the "report" links on your external site link to the MyBB reporting system and user's would just have to report through the MyBB system using the 'report_types' hook I would think. Not sure how nicely that would work and I don't know if you'd need any core edits.

RE: Custom report script? - Matt - 2017-01-04

Yeah, thing is all the rest of the code to load the actual reports is tied to post IDs, so you'd have to fake that, or override it... it'd be easier to have a separate system that works alongside the default report system.