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Signatures lenght setting - xyzzy - 01-07-2017

MyBB Version 1.8.9
Length limit in Signatures
The maximum number of characters a user can place in a signature. Set to 0 to disable the limitation.
When i try to change this and then save settings, it resets back to default 9.

RE: Signatures lenght setting - Matt - 01-07-2017

Could you PM me login details for an admin account, and to access your database please? You're the third person to report this issue (values being reset to 9) but none of us have been able to reproduce the issue, I'm keen to try and debug on your setup to try and track down what the cause of this is.

RE: Signatures lenght setting - xyzzy - 01-07-2017

I just deal the forum for someone else sadly can't share these as not having that permisson, however i can debug anything if guided.
I also noticed almost all settings are set to 9 not just this one.

RE: Signatures lenght setting - Matt - 01-07-2017

Hm, is it something you'd be able to find access details for? It'd be a lot easier to debug myself rather than relaying instructions each time and not being able to directly see results.

RE: Signatures lenght setting - xyzzy - 01-19-2017

sadly i can not provide these, i updated to latest and this still happens.
also i did clean install 1.8.10 with xampp and the same issue happens.
the steps i follow:
Go to: board settings, show all settings, change some from "Forum Display Options" and save.
Recheck "Forum Display Options" and you see them set to 9.
If anyone else can comfirm i can open github issue too.

RE: Signatures lenght setting - Matt - 01-19-2017

We've since confirmed this issue, it should be fixed in 1.8.11. It only affects the 'show all settings' view.