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Report Reasons - Fatal Error - Hiroshima_ - 2017-01-12


So I'm using the latest version of MyBB which is 1.8.10. I was doing some modifcations in the Admin Panel such as editing Groups etc... I decided to change the Report Reasons to something more of my taste. Although I'm given a Fatal Error which then screws my panel over.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method FormContainer::construct_cell() in /home/animecen/public_html/admin/modules/config/report_reasons.php on line 367

Although I've went through my ftp and viewed the file and came out blank on line 376

RE: Report Reasons - Fatal Error - Matt - 2017-01-12

Reupload ./admin/inc/class_form.php, sounds like it's only partially uploaded.

RE: Report Reasons - Fatal Error - Hiroshima_ - 2017-01-13

I've tried reuploading class_form & the report_reasons although the error still occurred. So I've switched my panel theme back to default to check if that was a cause and it came out positive.

So I may have to contact the theme designer?

I've updated my forum report reasons via default ACP theme although they aren't updating in the reason selection.

RE: Report Reasons - Fatal Error - Matt - 2017-01-13

Oh, if you have a custom ACP theme then they could be the issue, yes.

Go to ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > Find Updated Templates, is report or report_reasons listed here? If so, revert it to default.

RE: Report Reasons - Fatal Error - Hiroshima_ - 2017-01-14

Ah. Thank you. Smile